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Testimonials & Reviews - What our customers are saying.....

We will continue to use you products, in fact, I will just say that your food mix has improved the life of our dog Henry immensely.  He was on a million medications for allergies, as he literally is allergic to the planet, and since we started using your food he has been taken off all of them.  So we are lifelong customers of your food mix product.  Thank you very much!
Ian, Washington State


It was a long and difficult process switching 3 cats who all did free feeding dry food only for years over to homemade food and your product (Know Better For Cats - Chicken Recipe). But it is officially successful. My 13 year old boy put on weight after losing a lot over the past two years. He is running and playing more than he has in awhile. My diabetic 7 year old is healthy and happy. And my chunky 7 year old has lost several pounds and is healthier than ever. It’s been a huge success and wanted to let you know 

Stefan, New York
Know Better for Cats Review Know Better for Cats Review Know Better for Cats Review


March 2022 - Marks our 20yr. Anniversary!!  Thank you to all our customers, past & present!  We look forward to hearing about so many more healthy pets <3

I just wanted to let you know I ordered this for my ferrets (Know Better for Cats - Beef Recipe) and they are doing amazing and get so excited for their meals. I will eventually be switching over my two cats and two dogs!! I am a customer for life!! I am on my 3rd batch for my ferrets and I have noticed weight gain a shinier coat and a lot more energy!! Thank you for making an affordable and easy option for us pet parents.
Kari, New York

Clean bill of health from the vet every single time and an incredible amount of energy. The product is amazing - Know Better for Cats - Beef Recipe
Krysztof, British Columbia

Thank you so much! My cat has severe food allergies and pretty much can only eat rabbit, apples, and chicken. This is the only way I can feed her without her throwing up all the time and chewing her fur out. If it weren't for your company, I would still be struggling to make her something edible that ensured she had all the nutrition she needed. Your company is a literal life saver!
Alexis, Tennessee

LOVE your product! (Know Better for Dogs - Beef Recipe)
Cindy, Pennsylvania

This powder has been a God send. My dog was diagnosed with Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis a few weeks ago and part of his treatment is bland diet. He's never willingly eaten dog food in his 7 years of life. We always had to "doctor" it. I decided to make his food and found your product in my research. I bought the 2lb bag and he loves his food! He gets excited about meal time now. Thank you for making a product that makes me feel confident making his food.
Katherine, Florida

We have been using Know Better for Dogs for all 8 years of his life since I adopted him as an 8-10 week old rescue puppy.  He has a malformed neck (some vertebra fused and others missing -  Some neurological issues from that) and vets are amazed he is such an active, healthy dog - I attribute it to plenty of exercise, home made diet, including raw bones, his Know Better supplement, and lots of love. 

Thanks again for your great product and we look forward to another 8 years or more of keeping him healthy so he can continue to play in the snow and even watch another eclipse! 

I appreciate your prompt service, as does Charley Dog :)
Amy, Washington
Charley Dog_______________________________________

Love your product!! Thank you for helping make healthy food for my fur babies!! They gobble it up!! (Know Better for Cats & Dogs)
Maia, New Jersey


Our ferret thrives on this diet. The local vet, here in Homer, AK says that she has never seen such a healthy ferret. I do not think she thought his silky coat and delightful personality were possible for ferrets. Our almost two year old has been eating this mix with ground turkey and chicken since shortly after we brought him home and he was just tiny then.
We will mix up 7 to 8lbs of ground meat at a time in no more than 3 to 4lb batches so it is easy to mix well and pop a days serving into snack zip lock bags, then we put all those into a larger gallon sized freezer zip lock, label it and freeze. My daughter pulls out one day at a time and thaws them in a mason jar on the door of the fridge.
Our boy has a luscious coat and is quite large. The first thing our vet asked after she met him for the first time was "what are you feeding him?" He just went in for his second year rabies vaccine and she said again what a remarkably healthy ferret he is!
Thank you for putting together excellent nutrition for animals.
Paula, Alaska

Thank you for offering this wonderful all natural premix for the health of our kitty companions! (Know Better for Cats)
Claudia, Texas

I just wanted to say thank you to the people at Know Better Pet Food for making such a great product. One of our dogs has serious allergies. He use to bleed from his ears, have massive skin rashes, and his eyes would swell up dramatically. We had a real hard time finding commercial dog food that he could eat. Our vet was highly against us feeding him anything else but SD. Initially, we did try SD but it did not give the results we were looking for. Our vet expected us to just come in periodically for steroid shots and medication. We were not going to subject our dog to a life of steroids. It was a difficult decision to make, but we are very happy we made the change to Know Better for Dogs. We have been using it for a few months now. Both of our dogs get 90/10 ground beef with steamed carrots and the Know Better mix and they both love it. The change in his diet has completely healed him. I attached a picture of our dog so you could see how much he has improved. Thank you so much!!
Your loyal customer


Just wanted to give an update! i been giving my chihuahuas the Know Better mix with cooked chicken for almost 2 months now for dinner.  Along with their high quality dry food for when they're hungry during the day. I have noticed significant improvement in personality with my oldest. He's way more active, happy, and his poops are so much better than before. I truly believe that the nutrients in your product made him so much more healthier! Thanks so much for making this product <3 will continue to spread word of the u-stew among pet friends.
Nikki, New York


Love the product and the cats do as well.
Geoff, Ontario

Thank you very, very much to the kind folks at Know Better Pet Food. I have probably reached out to your customer service folks more than any other company I've ever contacted as I've transitioned my pets to a homemade diet. Their responses have always been prompt, courteous, and helpful, and I have not once been treated like an inconvenience. Between the amazing products you sell, and the amazing service, I am a faithful customer!
Update:  I've been using your supplements for our two cats and one dog for the past 8 months or so... Know Better Premix. They are all thriving off of it and I love how easy it is! Thank you for making a quality supplement that I feel confident in using.
Angela, New York

I just wanted to let you know that so far my very picky Maltese is eating all his food mixed with Know Better for Dogs. I'm not quite sure that he loves it, but he is eating it, and he is having no stomach issues with this (he was experiencing some intermittent vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems before this). I really hope he continues to do well with this. Thanks
Denise, Pennsylvania

This food (Know Better for Cats) makes Cathy the Cat very happy and very excited for breakfast and dinner :)
Emersun, Texas

I just wanted to tell you that Know Better for Cats helped my cat more in 4 days than any vet has in the last 4 months I've had her. Betty was a feral cat that we found in the woods by our house and adopted. She's been de-wormed and deemed healthy by our vet but she's still had constant loose stools. The vet recommended a bunch of different foods that had no effect (and some even made it worse). Betty took minor convincing to chow down on some Know Better and has had no problems in the litter box department since!
Thank you for taking the time and care to make something so amazing for our new family member!
Macy, North Carolina

Just want to say thank you, so much. Your Know Better for Cats saved my cat's life. She was diagnosed with IBD. She was constantly starving, down to 3lbs, and she kept diarrhea. She was on vet prescribed food which initially helped her diarrhea a little. I was encouraged to stick with the food for 8 weeks. By her 6th week, her diarrhea took a turn for the worst.
She was having four bouts a day with it. She never had stopped the ravenous hunger that she just stayed in constantly. I was feeding her three times a day. And right after she would eat, she would be begging me for more food. She was raiding the pantry and any cabinets that had any kind of food. She had begun autocoprophagy on a daily basis as well.

The first day I put her on the Know Better for Cats with ground turkey, she had one last bowel movement of diarrhea. The next day no bowel movement. From there her bowel movements have been great! No more diarrhea at all! Best of all, she has gained all of her weight back, and is now happily satiated, when she finishes eating. She went from bugging me constantly to feed her to bugging me again to cuddle in my lap, which of course I honor. :)
I should mention also this kitty is 15 years old. I really thought I was going to lose her. Thank you again, so very much! I remain amazed everyday at her complete turn around. :)
With love and gratefulness, Seqkat, Virginia


 Copper is a puppy that was brought into work one special day, three years ago.  He was being cared for by back yard breeders who were keeping him and his brothers and sisters in very unfortunate conditions. He was maybe 2 pounds, stinky, had fleas and was in serious need of help. It was love at first sight.
At 6 months his bowed front legs were becoming very apparent, and at 8 months he had his first seizure. We tried all kinds of diets, but nothing seemed to help. Being such a small dog, we felt that medications were simply not a good option. In November 2014 he had 7 seizures in 7 days and we knew that we had to make a very hard decision. We turned to the internet to search for a holistic approach to Coppers problem. Our search lead us to a Holistic Pet Veterinary Clinic.
The vet looked him over and said, "Well you know what he is? He's a lemon puppy. Just about everything that could be wrong with him is. But it's not all bad. Some of the best dogs I've ever had were lemon puppies. These dogs are special, and require some special care".
As part of Copper's treatment she gave us recommendations for a more holistic approach to his diet. In addition to garlic and salmon oil, Know Better for Dogs was one of the products she recommended. Since we started this new diet in mid December, Copper is a puppy again. Just past his thrid birthday, he is doxy dashing around the yard, his energy back and better than ever.  He shares his new diet with his adopted brother Marley (pictured). Thanks to Know Better for Dogs and a holistic approach, meal time is a happy time again.  Thank you to all of you folks for helping to give Copper a second chance.
Diane, Oregon

Here is Alien today - with his heart shaped nose. Still happy, healthy and great teeth/gums. 
Margo, Ontario

I appreciate the quality of your products. Oliver, my dog, loves it.  
Thank you for them.
Dana, Oregon

My cat Storm is LOVING this (Know Better for Cats) mixed with ground chicken!  Thanks so much!
Merle, Nova Scotia

Best thing I ever did for my 2 cats.  Hairballs...gone!  Diarrhea and or loose stools...gone!  One cats horrid breath...gone!  One cat from a bit 'toround' to almost perfect weight.  All in about 6 months or so with the use of Know Better for cats.
Rick, Georgia

Our Rottweiler, Hecatonchires (Hex), has been on Know Better for Dogs since he was 5 months old.  He's 9 months old now and doing great.  His first two months with us, he was eating high grade, organic manufactured canned dog food, but he wasn't thriving.  He was at the bottom of his growth chart, and didn't like his food very much.
We started doing research and found your product.  We did some math and cooking his food from ingredients we found at our local organic market would not cost us very much more.  He immediately took a liking to the home cooked food supplemented with Know Better.  Four months later, we tell all of our friends what a fantastic product you sell and how much of a difference it's made in the overall health of our pup.
Currently, he has far exceeded what his estimated weight should be.  He is 103lbs and lean.  I actually took him into the vet to ask them if he's obese, because his numbers don't make any sense.  They told me his lines are "perfect" and that we should keep doing what we've been doing.  His energy is high as expected for a puppy, but we feel that the added nutritional value of your dietary supplement plays a major part in it as well.  
We are fully committed to serving Know Better for the rest of our dog's life, and any other dogs that we may pick up in the future.  Thank you for a superlative product.
Doug, Maryland

All three of my dogs love Know Better for Dogs.  Now they all look forward to meal time.  One of my dogs is pretty picky about what she eats, but now she gets excited about mealtime when I feed her Know Better.  I bought the trial size, so needless to say, I'll have to buy the larger size because they want the meal every day.  Thanks for a great product.
Susie, Texas

My cat Spaz was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago so we had to take her off the carb-rich dry kibble she had been eating her whole life that we know was probably the cause of her illness. We had to start her on insulin, giving her two shots every day, and we made the choice to feed her a raw diet consisting mainly of chicken.  
 However, after some time, our vet told us that though she was healthier, she wasn't getting the right balance of vitamins from eating only raw chicken, and that is how we found Know Better for Cats product online.

We were initially worried because Spaz is an extremely picky eater, but by incrementally increasing the amount of product we mixed with the chicken until we were serving the full amount, she happily accepted her new meals.

Since we started using Know Better for Cats in Spaz's chicken, the vet says she is much healthier, getting the proper balance of nutrients, and her diabetes went into remission so that we don't even have to give her injections anymore.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products!  

I know that my cat is healthier and happier and she will live a longer life all thanks to you.
Jessica, Toronto ON


I LOVE your products..... my girls have been on it since the get-go!  15+ years now. 
Barbara, Texas

As a breeder of Papillons for the show ring, I tend to be measured in my reaction to any new dog products until I have used them for several months.  It is not unusual to be enthusiastic about a product for 6 to 8 weeks and then be disappointed with the results on a dog's overall conditioning.  Conditioning a dog takes a great deal of time, and any change in food or in grooming products can appear to be a good move and suddenly the results are not good at all.  This is especially true with dog food.  Of course, usually dogs like a new food for awhile and then tend to lose interest.  Or they may suddenly begin to drop weight, or worse - the dreaded dry coat that has lost its shine because of lesser quality ingredients in that premium food.
Well, I have now given your food (KNow Better for Dogs) the full throttle test - feeding all 12 of my Papillons for 4 months, and guess what?  My two perpetually thin dogs have finally continued to love their food enough to gain enough weight.  My 4 month old puppies have basically grown up on your food and have great muscle, sparkling eyes, and very silky coat even before they are bathed!  My deaf 16yr old former Best in Show winner eats a half cup of food daily, and still has a glorious coat for his age.  I have also reclaimed a dog from Chapil Hill, NC whose owner passed away and came back to me seriously overweight.  She too, has thrived, lost nearly two pounds, looks great and has that silky hand to the coat.  Finally one of my 2 year old boys named Opie developed an allergy last summer - and yes that is gone as well.
Yes, feeding my crew is an investment in their continued health and well-being and more costly than most of the premium brands of food - but the results are absolutely worth it.  I am delighted to see that so many of the dogs have truly benefitted from the food change - dogs with a variety of needs that differed from one another:  weight control, allergies, muscle tone, and most of all consistent and luxurous coat texture that improves each month and requires less grooming product to bring out the shine.
Thanks so much. 
Patricia, Illinois

I love your product!  I adopted Cleo (a 3yr old, 5lb Sphynx) about two months ago from rescue.  I was told she has IBS.  I recently started feeding Cleo a raw diet of ground chicken and turkey mixed with Know Better for Cats.  In less than one week, her poos are not solid but they're not syrup anymore and she poos way less.  I'm sure she feels better and I do too.  The mix is easy to use.  Very happy!
Janelle, Alabama


We have been feeding our cat Chippendale a raw diet since we first brought him home 6 years ago.  About 4 months ago, we switched him to the highest quality dry food, recommended by our veterinarian.  We thought we were giving him a change, and he really liked his new food.  Well... it took 3 months for us to see the drastic effects of his new diet.  He could normally jump on our 3' counters with ease, now he missed his jumps... grabbing and clawing up the drawers to the countertop.  His coat was dull, and not nearly as soft.  He had gained weight around his tummy.  He was not as playful, sleeping or lazy most of the day.  It was the saddest thing to see our beautiful cat in this condition.  
Once we realized what we had done, we immediately switched him back to his Know Better for Cats diet.  It took about 2 weeks for us to have our cat back.  He's playful again, lost his belly, making all his jumps! and soft as a mink.  Thank you for your products, we are telling all of our pet friends with a renewed passion for your raw food diets.
Sincerely, Kimberly & Chippendale, Colorado


Hi, last month I wrote you about my 9 year old Chihuahua, Joey.  He has been on prescription dog food for his kidneys (which he disliked) due to crystals in his urine.

After I found your website and was encouraged I could start him on raw meat which I did immediately!  I've never seen him eat so fast, wagging his tail the whole time!  I leaped to get my phone to video him eating so I could send it to my daughter, the 2 seconds I was away he consumed all his meal! She had nothing to see, except his tail wagging!

He hasn't jumped on the bed for years and we couldn't find him the other day, my daughter walked into the bedroom and he was sitting on top of the bed wagging his tail.  He's jumped up a few times by himself (prefers to be lifted) but he can now do it if he wants to!

I ordered Know Better for Dogs, which he loves.  He's a different dog, stronger, leaner in his mid section.  Sleeps like a baby, shows no signs of bladder imbalance.  I have puppy pads for when I'm not home on time, the urine color has changed, it is a pale yellow as it should be.  He has no urgency or frequency as he did on the medicated dog food.  He's a relaxed, much happier dog.  

He jumps up on my lap and looks into my eyes as if he is really thankful.  That makes me feel good.

Thank you so much for my happier and healthier best friend!
Denise, Florida


I have always LOVED the product, the assurance that it is balanced, and my little beagle Toasty has done very well on it for 1 year.  My other dogs have been fed your diet off and on, but have now converted over completely.  We love it, and always will!!
Thanks again, ~ Jennifer

I wanted to thank you for such a great product.  My cat has been eating Know Better for Cats for about 14 months now and he is doing great.  We got started on this food after trying several types of light/diet food (including prescription food) to try to get him to lose weight, but he just kept gaining.  He weighed 21 lbs. at his heaviest and the vet was telling me he was morbidly obese.  He now weighs just under 13 lbs. and is maintaining this weight.  He just went to the vet yesterday and the vet said he looked great.  This is the most energy he has had since he was a kitten and is a lot more socialable.  His name is Jasmine (we were originally told he was a girl). His "after" picture is below. He just had a haircut so you can really see his trim waist!
Thanks again,  Amberlynn


Hi, My name is Alien.  I am a 10yr old neutered male.  I began eating your Know Better for Cats almost a year ago, after being threatened with a teeth cleaning!  Together with raw meaty bones, my teeth/gums are now almost perfect! Thank you.
Margo & Alien, Ontario


March 2012 - Marks our 10yr. Anniversary!  Thank you to all our customers, past & present!

Awesome product. I wish I would have found you years ago! My kitty says Thank you!!!
Jennifer, Florida

Sure wish I had found your food 6 months ago for my cats. I would be $3500 richer from the vet bills...

Wonderful product! Our cats are very, very impressed. Thanks so much!
Margo, Ontario

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. My black lab and border collie are strong, shiny and full of energy. They both have a waist line and muscle that most of my friends dogs do not have. They run and play all over our ranch. I adopted both of these girls from our local humane society and will do anything to give them the best life I can. I have lost several dogs from cancer and I feel feeding this food will help protect my doggy kids.
Karen, Annie & Izzy, Oregon


By the way... I didn't order the Know Better for Dogs in time so I had to feed our dog Blackie regular dog food for one day...  It was hilarious because I set the bowl down and she sniffed it, then looked up at me like "you have to be kidding me, I'm not eating this!" and she walked away. She's so used to her new Know Better I guess, and she was protesting!! ;)

Thanks for the great product (Know Better for Dogs).. our dog Chica loves it and I feel good feeding it to her. I rotate a variety of proteins and everybody's happy!
Our Best,
Michelle, John & Chica, California

I love this food (Know Better for Dogs) for my dogs... they have done so well on it! Less gas, smaller, less stinky poop...its firm never runny, also our puggle use to rub her bum all over the carpet... now doesn't anymore. I am so happy with this. I have been using lean ground beef most of the time. Thank you so much,
Jolene, British Columbia

I have been using your Know Better for Dogs product with my dogs for about a year and the love it and are very healthy dogs because of it. Thanks.
Courtney, Texas

God Bless You! And thank you ever so much for an outstanding product!! Just reordered the Know Better for Cats for my little Shadow. He has been a big ball of problems since the day I found him dumped off on my road almost 3 years ago at the age of about 5 weeks. His muscles never developed due to his severe food allergies and various other problems. He was getting to the point of being just skin and bones with a very nasty oily, flaky coat. I'd been buying him a duck and green pea formula which worked o.k. for about a year but then he got to where he couldn't keep it down either. He's not been able to keep anything down... Until Now!!

The first time I tried the food, I mixed it with chicken breast and he loved it and kept it down. Didn't even wheeze or cough. He has puked (or I guess I should say "spit up" because it didn't projectile) a few times since he's started on the diet, about two weeks now. But I believe that's only because he has eaten crumbs dropped by my kids. I'm noticing a difference in his coat also. The oilyness is gone and the flakes are going away too. He is so happy now. He doesn't get the teary sad eyes anymore from feeling sick all the time and he follows me everywhere cause he can't wait till he gets to eat again! He loves to eat now, I am so happy! Your product is an answered prayer for my little baby. (And I'm not having to clean up cat puke All the Time!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep up the exceptional work! However, I only have one suggestion: Get the word out about this product! Had I not stumbled upon it by coincidence I'm afraid that my baby would not be here today. 
Thanks again.  Jennifer, Florida

Max loves your product!.. thank you for making the raw food diet for our pets easy! I have passed on your website to my friends.
Marianne, Ontario


Thank you so much. We love your products and so do our pets! We've been ordering from you for a few years now and are always pleased with prompt shipping and reasonable prices.  Thank you!
Erin, Virginia

I am thrilled not to have to give Brody (my Westie) the dry food he dislikes so much! I am sharing my new U-Stew discovery with all my friends! Thanks so much, Gayle.
Marcy, California

This is our dog Blackie, she is a 10 year old Border Collie mix and a definite part of our family. Blackie had double back knee surgery about 2 years ago and has recovered well. But, we have to keep her running to a minimum now out of fear of her blowing out her knees again. Since her recovery she has developed problems with her anal glands. So bad that she was "leaking" throughout our house. I was at my wits end because as anyone knows with anal glands, the smell is horrific. I did research on anal glands and found your site. You recommended Know Better for Dogs. Blackie has now been on it for almost 3 weeks and the change has been amazing! No more leaks!!! It's almost as if her anal gland issue has gone away. I haven't taken her to the vet since to have her anal glands done either. Such an amazing change and she LOVES the food! Thanks so much for making a great product!!! 
Tara, Illinois

My picky dog loves your product (Know Better for Dogs).  I'm so glad there's a product like this!   
Marietta, Pennsylvania

Ohme & Teka both born March 2010.  Both healthy, robust and active on the raw meat diet.  Beautiful fur and sweet breath, such loving cats.
John, Washington


Great product - Our 15yr old lab still acts like a puppy.  We have been homecooking with Know Better for Dogs since he was 8. Our vet can't believe how good his health is.  We'll never feed our pets anything else.
Corey, North Carolina

Thanks so much for your time and is such a relief to find your product and know that I will be doing my best for my gang. Claudia our Corgi will be 10 Dec 7th Meg our polydactal turned 17 and Spotty is 15 and then their is the Little Guy Siamese that we adopted in Nov. he will be 1 year old. I really appreciate your genuine kindness and your products! I have been searching for a very long time to find something that is safe and good! I found it with you! I appreciate it beyond words!  Thanks a ton.
Mare, Wisconsin

My dog is doing very well on your food mixed with ground, raw beef and has been eating it for a couple of months now. He is a nearly seven-month-old Labrador Retriever called Jake. He is growing fast and is in very good shape and is very strong.  Thanks.  Paul


Thank you, my dog is so healthy and happy. Also thank you for a great service.
Susan, Quebec

Hi, I am using your Know Better for Cats supplement and my cat loves it! She has been on raw chicken thighs & BITR for a month now, and her IBS symptoms are completely gone. I am thrilled!  Thanks very much! 

I am very excited to get the Know Better premix for my cats, as my dogs are doing excellent on the dog premix. 
Thanks, Tracey

Thank you for making such a great product, and making raw feeding so easy!!!
We love it and recommend it often!

After seeing a CBC documentary on commercial pet foods I started researching alternative diets for our two dogs and two cats. I stumbled across your video and visited your website - I read every page!

Our oversized and rather plump Sheltie, Copper, is 7/12 years old and has been with us since he was a pup. Koty, our toy poodle, is 5 1/2 years old and just adopted 5 weeks ago. Both of our boys (and our two elder cats) have been on the Know Better for Dogs diet for almost a month now. I have a butcher nearby who has a constant supply of quality ground beef at a good price. I noticed within days a marked improvement in Copper's awful breath. He is slimming down which tells me that I am 'feeding' not 'filling' him and he doesn't smell 'doggy' anymore. Koty is a very picky eater so I add about a teaspoon of beef broth to his servings and he just loves it. There is a noticeable decrease in the size and frequency of the dog's and cat's stool and it doesn't have as strong an odour. I was sceptical about the claims that the stool will turn pale and break down - well guess what - now I'm a believer. Their coats are in better condition, eyes are clearer and even their temperament is a little mellowed.

At first it may seem a more costly way to feed your beloved pets but I've calculated that per serving, it's somewhere in between the cost of premium commercial pet foods and the cheaper brands, none of which it seems is very good for your pet. I love the fact that you have incorporated the shipping costs into the price - it makes ordering so much simpler.

It is very easy to mix big batches and freeze in portions, and if your pet needs to be boarded it's very convenient for the caregiver. All you need are freezer bags and a sharpie. And if it avoids unnecessary and very costly trips to the vet I think it is worth every penny. I want my much loved companions to be around as long as possible. It is very clear to me that I made the right choice and I'll never go back to bags of kibble or cans of who knows what!
Kudos to Know Better Pet Food for a wonderful Canadian product and your dedication to the well-being and health of our pets!  
Catherine, Ontario


I have been wanting to feed my cats a raw meat diet for years, but always felt it was too difficult.  With "Know Better for Cats", I know the proper ingredients are in their food, and all I have to do is mix it together with meat I buy. It couldn't be easier, and my 13-year-old cat's health problems have disappeared.  He was suffering from irritable bowel disease, his muscle mass was wasting away, and he was lethargic.  After just a few months on his new diet, he looks and acts like a much younger cat, has packed on lean muscle, and his IBD is completely clearing up. His fur is also shiny and soft, a good indicator of his health on the inside.  This is a great product, and I'm very happy I found it.

Sara, Ontario

I have been using your Know Better for Dogs for almost a year now and would not use anything else.  My two dogs are gorgeous.  Thanks

Karen, Oregon

I purchased the Know Better for my dogs, and they absolutely love it.  I can see from the lower stool output, they are getting better nutrition than feeding kibble, plus I feel much better knowing what they are eating.
Thank You for a great product! 

Thank you once again for a great product.  A few months ago I tried a locally made raw meat product, but alas my dog Sasha suffered.  She just loves your mixture.
Thank you.  Susan

We got "Blossom" from the Nanaimo SPCA last October. She was 18 mo. She was all skin and bones, constantly sneezing, sneezing blood and would lay in front of her food bowl listlessly. The vet advised us it would cost more than $1000 to just diagnose her, and no guarantee he could do anything for her. She is an extreme Persian. This breed is prone to respiratory and kidney problems. He advised we take her back to the SPCA and get our money back. However, she is such and endearing, cute kitty. We decided to care for her as best as we could for as long as she would last. If she makes it she makes it, if not, we will take good care of her as long as she lasts, no matter how short a period this would be. Then we happened on Gayle who advised we feed the cat raw meat with additive. So we did. She loves her raw beef and additive. She soon stopped sneezing and started putting on weight. Now, no problems. She is full of mischief.  
We decided to buy her a pet. A fish, named Bubbles.  Now Blossom is fascinated with her fish.  She is a very healthy, lively, playful Persian.  Thank you.
Ben and Lois, British Columbia


Our dog, Molly, is an 11 year old Shiz Tu. Up until last year she was definitely showing more signs of aging. She had dog allergies, with her ears, eyes and feet constantly irritated. She would have to be convinced to eat her food, which was a very trying event and she appeared to have arthritis as her legs were very stiff in the morning. She also did not play as much and seemed to be happy just being in her corner. We started the raw food diet last summer and we are amazed at the difference in her. She eats two meals a day with no coaxing. Her allergy symptoms, as well as her arthritis symptoms, are gone and she is much more playful.  Thank you!
Nancy, British Columbia

My Westie was miserable for years with skin allergies. I finally took him to a Holistic vet that recommended a raw diet and your product. Elliott is now allergy free. I had tried every kind of dog food imaginable and only wish I had known about Know Better for Dogs years ago. I now tell everyone who even mentions their dog has problems to go raw with Know Better for Dogs . Thank you for such a great product.
Lorna, Oregon


I just wanted to let you guys know what your product has done for our dog. We have a 2½ year old, beautiful American Bulldog. In her first year of life we had her on regular dry dog food from the pet store. As soon as she turned one year she began to react to her food, she was allergic to all dry dog foods and would break out in hot spots, she and us were miserable. Our vet recommended a raw food diet and we heard about your product. She's been on it for almost a year now, we haven't been to the vet once with allergy related problems. Roxy is a much happier dog now!
Thank you for your wonderful product! Thank you for the wonderful product you supply! Ever since I started feeding my bulldog a natural diet of Know Better for Dogs, his health has improved dramatically, not to mention his gas problem!
Thank you, Kim

I just wanted to let you know that I received the dog food and my IRWS when crazy over it. He was jumping up and down and barking at me until I fed him.

Thank you for your quick and through reply. This kind of customer service always keeps me coming back to the companies I like!!
Best wishes, Carol

Just to let you know that Danny took Jack to the vet on Tuesday for his annual check-up and vaccinations and the vet couldn't believe the change. He's only seen Jack once since the "near death experience" in March. Danny said he kept bragging about how good Jack looks, so Danny told him about the diet Jack is eating. The vet said that whatever we're doing, keep it up; he's impressed.

Thank you very much for going the extra mile, checking with me on this, voiding the second charge and then shipping by airmail! It truly demonstrates your commitment to running an honest company and is something that I won't forget.

I know I wrote you before, but I have to tell you guys again just how much I love your product!!! My dog goes nuts over this stuff, and I see a huge difference in his health.
Thanks, Christene

Our little guy is loving his new food. He is doing great!
Thank again for your help!

Thank you for making available a better way of feeding our loved companions. I discovered your web page while looking for a food to agree with my 10 yr old dalmatian, Rex. We were looking for something easier to digest and the vet agreed with our idea of feeding him raw meat. He also warned us about vitamins and minerals that may not be available in a raw meat only diet. The need to supply those will be covered by the Know Better for Dogs product I ordered today. Gail was very helpful making clear the daily amount Rex should get and the way to store the mixture (meat and powder). Thank you all at Know Better Dog Food! Thank you Gail!
George, California

Mailie and Sheebamailie, our older dog, is only 6 years old and she suffered for years from an arthritic knee. I put her on your food about 6 months ago and her improvement is astounding! I never have to give her pain medicine anymore, or the glucosamine supplement that wasn't really helping. She never has a 'bad day' anymore--you would never know she even had a problem! We put sheeba, our puppy, on your food, too, the first day we brought her home. She had very bad skin and a dull, uneven coat. Wow, you should see her now: shiny and silky and no flakes! They're both the picture of healthy, happy dogs. Fresh breath, shiny coats, healthy skin, cold wet noses, and firm little stools. I feel good everyday about what I'm doing for them! Thank you for your product! and thank you, Gayle, for your customer support!
Cheers, Laura


Maggie - my 12 year old Shitzu's health had started to decline. She had become listless, had kidney problems, was throwing up daily and was not eating. She shook all the time and had lost a good deal of weight. I worried we would lose her. The vet wanted to do more tests and put her on an IV along with medication. I opted for trying raw food instead. I had tried it a few years back but it was so difficult and time consuming. Your product changed that. Within two months her health totally turned around. She's now eating well, spunky, and bright eyed. The waxy black coating on her tummy is gone. (That was a sign of severe kidney problems). I believe this saved her life and will give her many more years with us. With much gratitude.
Nancy, Hot Springs, Arkansas


Hi there, Just wanted to share some pics of my boys.  Jake is the white dog, he is 5 years old and has eaten your food for 4 years. He is a very healthy and happy boy! The brown and black pup is Rocky. He is 7 months old and has eaten your food since I got him at 6 weeks old. His coat is so shinny and soft! Thanks for the great food!


Just wanted to say thank you for your dog food mix. My husband and I adopted a husky mix dog from Nunuvut last year, that would not eat anything we gave her. She was in a bad state of health, and would not eat dry/canned food at all. I tried her on total human food, which she loved, but I was afraid "Sasha" was not getting the nutrients that she needed. I found your web site last spring. Now Sasha waits eagerly every night for her food. Her coat is shinning and soft and the vet said she is in the best of health.  Thank you. Susan


I dog, a Chinese Shar Pei, is a very very finicky eater - needing to be tempted to her plate with things like cream cheese, etc. However, once I started using U-stew it is a easy to get her to eat - yesterday, after I called her for dinner, and was ignored as usual, I got busy and didn't go through the persuasion ritual - after a couple of minutes she went to her dish on her own - she couldn't resist.  Judy, Sam and Pistol


I received my first order of U-Stew this morning. I boiled a pot of whole chicken thighs, let it cooled and chopped it up. I mixed it with your product as directed and gave it to my 2 Cotons. They licked their bowls clean in about a minute and a half! They have never done that before. Of course I guess from their standpoint, I was simply giving them each a bowl of chopped chicken - why wouldn't they love it? I was concerned that they would not like the taste of the U-Stew, but that certainly was not the case. So Thank You so much for this product! I love the idea of giving them something they love and that is good for them. Some people would think it extravagant to cook chicken for your dog, but why shouldn't they look forward to and enjoy their meals as much as we enjoy ours?  Thanks Gayle.


Attached below is Simon - he's the real reason we found you. He was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. Almost everything I've read draws back to their diets. I have to admit, with so many pets, it's been more about quantity than quality. Big lesson learned. He's a really special guy and we'd be honored to have him on your website!


Hi there! I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I finally recieved my U-Stew. I was worried that my little maltese/yorkie wouldnt eat it. She is pregnant and hasnt touched her kibble in weeks. I have had to feed her cooked chicken and scrambled eggs because that is all she would eat. I was getting concerned for her. I mixed up the u-stew with fresh chicken breast and held my breath as I put it in her bowl. By george, she ate it up. So, thank you. Now I can sleep well knowing she is getting the nutrients she needs! Sincerely, Jackie

Just a second to thank you guys for such a great product and awesome service. My two "boys" love this stuff. Merry Christmas to all of you. Thanks again.
Ruth, Ron and Killer and Sammy !!!!!

Thought you'd like to know... We have a young Jack Russell Terrier and very old Sheltie, and although we originally began using My Master's Choice (now Better in the Raw) to give some internal relief to the JR after an injury (it worked!), we soon found that this mixture took a few years off the old Sheltie as well. After a life time of being a finicky eater, she now gets very feisty before and after dinner time and never leaves a single morsel in her bowl. We continue to add her glucosamine powder to help with her achey joints, but we suspect it has become more effective now that she's on this diet. Thank you for offering a sound alternative to run of the mill dog food.
Laura, British Columbia

Our little guy is loving his new food. He is doing great! Thanks again for your help! Attached is a pic of Enzo :) Jennifer

I was real sceptical about feeding a dog raw meat, so I did cook it a bit. I bought black angus steak and had it ground. I like my steaks Medium Rare so, I cooked it about like that. I steamed veggies and mixed it all in my kitchen aide mixer. I put 3/4 cup on a plate and my 11 month old ate it up! She "never" eats the dog food I buy. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find something she likes. I only bought natural dog food. My last purchase was a good quality kibble. And it sat there until she was so hungry she ate it. I have to daughters with dogs and I will be buying it for them as well. I have no idea how I ended up at your site, but...where have you been all our lives. Thanks a bunch.
Janet, Ohio

I am grateful to your company for making it easy and convenient to provide pets their best diet. I think we discussed this over the telephone once, but feeding my dogs their correct diet helped convince me to improve my diet.
Dawne, New York

Many thanks for your prompt and very informative reply. I am very impressed with your product and your level of customer service.
Best regards, Carol

I am writing to say Thank-you for providing a pet product of high quality without using animal testing. Thank-you and I will continue to use your product with pride.

After years of frustration and a lot of research because my dogs would not eat, I finally found a solution.
My dog at that time was six months old, my vet strongly advised me to stick to dry food. The usual scenario was that I gave him his bowl, he took a piece and went off to eat, most of the time he did not return to take a second bite. I had to offer it to him several times and it was obvious he was not eating enough. I came to the conclusion that dogs are not meant to eat dry food. Furthermore when commercial food caused the deaths of many dogs, a few years ago, I decided that I would always feed my pets home made food.
I knew that for my dog's diet to be adequate and balanced, I needed to add some elements. After much research I finally discovered the Canadian company Know-Better Pet Food.
So I ordered a bag, I followed the instructions, and within minutes, I had prepared meals for a few weeks. The first time I offered him the new food, (I decided, after much research to opt for the raw version of Know Better Pet Food – Better in the Raw with Liver - there is also a cooked version – U-Stew), he devoured his meal in seconds. At the second meal, when I took it out of the refrigerator and he smelled it, he danced around me and that's what has been happening for four years. It disappears in seconds. Not only does my dog love his food, but also, the effects of healthy nutrition have been incredible. A visit to the vet annually for the annual exam and that's it!
Shortly after, I opened a daycare for small dogs. From the first meeting with the "parents" I regularly heard the following comments: "I give him dry food and he does not want it”, “I leave his food on his plate until he eats”, “He does not like  to eat" and "Here is the list of medicines (creams skin and drops for ear infections, cortisone etc..), my dog has many allergies”. They told me horror stories of their frequent visits to the vet, all the "tests" suffered without arriving at a diagnosis, a reason why their dog was scratching constantly, and was constantly uncomfortable. They were feeding commercial food.
When I told them that my dog had no problem, most of my clients decided to try my food, which consists of raw meat (or cooked), mixed with the Know Better Pet Food  powder
I have witnessed incredible results, I often had 3-4 dogs and without exception, meal time was always a big party! The results were fantastic: fewer visits to the vet, dogs happy to eat, a considerable reduction in costs, the bags of drugs have disappeared from their luggage on arrival, my little guests were much happier.
Know Better Pet Food also makes a version of this food for your cats, and I also witnessed fantastic results.
Michele Pelletier