Better in the Raw for Dogs - Raw Dog Food

Better in the Raw, just add water, raw meat and liver for a balanced homemade dog foodBetter in the Raw for Dogs is a premix for preparing a raw meat diet for dogs.  This raw diet is ideal for dogs of all ages and is made with 100% human grade ingredients.  No grains of any kind are used. Just add water, raw meat and raw liver.

Better in the Raw is designed to be combined with water, raw meat, liver and optional vegetables in the amounts and proportions stated in our literature. It is not a food for dogs on its own nor meant to be a sprinkle-on vitamin supplement. No additional supplementation is necessary when feeding this raw meat based diet. 

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•  1/2 cup Better in the Raw
•  1 1/2* cups water
•  2lbs. (900g) raw meat
•  1/4lb. (100g) raw liver, chopped or pureed
•  1/2lb. (225g) vegetables, chopped and steamed (vegetables are optional).

Larger batches can be made and frozen for convenience.

(* Add more water if desired - especially when preparing the food using ground meat.)

•  Pour the cold water into a bowl, add Better in the Raw powder, and mix.
•  Thoroughly, but gently combine your choice of meat and liver, and if desired, vegetables with the moistened mixture.
•  Divide into serving sizes based on the weight of your dog. 

1/2lb for a 20-25lb dog 
1lb for a 50-60 lb dog
2lb for a 100lb dog

•  Freeze the finished product for storage. Thaw as needed.
•  Thaw frozen dog food by warming to room temperature in a warm water bath before serving and remove un-eaten food within 30 minutes to be refrigerated. Do not leave the raw food out at room temperature.
•  The dog food will keep fresh for 24 hours once thawed and refrigerated.

Ingredients:  Egg yolk, calcium lactate, gelatin, rice bran, whey protein concentrate, beet root, psyllium husks, EFA from fish, barley grass powder, kelp, taurine, rose hip, parsley flakes, Vitamin E succinate, Vitamin B complex.

** Please Note: there has been a slight change in recipe for US Orders Only:

Due to the avian flu in the US, the egg yolk in our formula has been removed temporarily.  In its place we have changed the recipe to include 2 fresh eggs per batch.
We hope that conditions improve and we can add the egg yolk back into our products in the future.
This recipe change is ONLY affecting US Orders.

Nutritional Information:

Based on "as fed" per pound of finished dog food including meat - 85% lean.




63.7g or 14%


6.0g or 1.3%


49.0g or 10.8%


4.71g or 1%











You Add:  Raw meat, liver & water. 

The ingredients we use to make Better in the Raw are 100% human grade. All materials are natural, and no preservatives, colours, or other artificial additives are used.

Sizes and Cost to Feed 

Cost to feed a 25 lb Dog is $1.00- $1.50 per day including the meat, based on a total cost of $2.50/lb.

Better in the Raw 12oz. dog foodBetter in the Raw 2lb. dog foodBetter in the Raw 5lb. dog food Better in the Raw Bucket
12oz. (340g)            2lb. (908g)            5lb. (2.27Kg)           25lb. (11.34Kg) Bucket

•  12oz. makes 15lb. of finished food
•  2 lb. makes 40 lb. of finished food
•  5 lb. makes 100 lb. of finished food
•  SAVE - 25 lb. bucket makes 500 lb. of finished food - get together with family and friends buy a bucket and save 40% or more.

* Holistic Veterinarian Approved

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