Homemade Raw Cat Food - Better in the Raw for Cats

Homemade Cat Food - Better in the Raw for CatsBetter in the Raw for Cats is a whole food supplement for preparing a raw meat diet for cats.  This healthy diet is ideal for all life stages and is made with 100% human grade ingredients.

No grains of any kind are used.
Just add water and raw meat.

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Better In The Raw for Cats is designed to be combined with water and raw human grade meat in the amounts and proportions stated in our literature. It is not a food for cats on its own nor meant to be a sprinkle-on vitamin supplement. All other cat foods should be removed from the cat's meal plan, including dry food.

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Ingredients: Egg yolk, calcium lactate, beef liver powder, gelatin, whey protein concentrate, psyllium husks, EFA from fish oil, taurine, kelp, barley grass powder, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E succinate.

The Cat Food Recipe - to make a 3lb. batch:

2lbs.(900g) meat of your choice
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup Better in the Raw for Cats

Step 1:  Pour 1 1/2 cups cold water into a bowl, add 1/2 cup of Better in the Raw powder, and whisk.  The product will create a semi-gelatinous texture within a few minutes.
Step 2:  Add 2lbs. (900g) raw meat of your choice, ground or chopped.  Stir gently until well combined.
Step 3:  Portion into daily servings - 1/2 -3/4 cup will feed one adult cat.  This can be split into two servings.
Step 4:  Freeze the finished product for storage. Thaw as needed.

Nutritional Analysis:  Based on “as fed” mixed food including ground chicken meat. Average daily meal size: ¼ lb. (120g) or 1/2 cup.

Energy/Kcal 133
Protein 17.29%
Carbohydrates 1.2%
Fat 6.0%
Ash 3.19%
Calcium 231mg
Phosphorous 224mg
Magnesium 74mg
Sodium 144mg
Potassium 201mg

Testimonial:  Best thing I ever did for my two cats.  Hairballs...gone!  Diarrhea and loose stools...gone!  One cats horrid breath...gone!  One cat from a bit 'toround' to perfect weight.  All in about 6 months or so with the use of Better in the Raw for Cats.  Rick, Maryland

You Add: Raw meat and water.

Raw Cat Food

The ingredients we use to make Better in the Raw for Cats are without exception of human grade quality. All materials are 100% natural, and no preservatives, colours, or other artificial additives are used.

Sizes and Cost of Feeding

Cost to feed a cat is about $0.65 per day including meat - 85% lean.
The product is available in four sizes:  Trial Size makes 6lbs of finished food, 12oz. makes 15 lbs. of finished food, 2lb. makes 40 lbs. of finished food,  and 5lb. makes 100lbs. of finished food.

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